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Simya Metal began its commercial life on 1997 in Bornova Doğanlar at their first indoors facilities, which is 500 m2, in order to meet the demands of small and medium sized industry and enterprises about the trade and manufacturing of raw and processed metal products…Our company continued its commercial activities at a new indoors facility of 2250 m2 at Bornova Doğanlar on 2001, and at 4th Industrial Site of Bornova with an area of 12,000 m2, of which 7,500 m2 is indoors, on 2003, accelerated its technological investments on the same year, commissioned its first Trumpf brand, 4KW-4030 series laser cutting machine, and continued its investments with a Trumpf brand, 5KW-3050 series laser cutting machine before the end of the year.. Towards the ends of 2006, Simya Metal put into operation its new branch at Yazıbaşı – Torbalı with an area of 10.250 m2, of which 6,200 m2 is indoors, and continued its investments in products-machinery-technology-facilities with an increased momentum each year.

Our company put into operation its facilities at Manisa Muradiye region, with a total area of 17.750m2 and indoors area of 10.500m2, towards the end of 2011 as its 2nd branch.

Today Simya Metal continues to provide services to medium and large sized industry and enterprises within its capacity as a Metal Market – Service Center in a total area of 40.000 m2, including its headquarters at 4th Industrial Site of Bornova and its three facilities in Yazıbaşı/Torbalı Manisa/Muradiye, with an average product range of 15.000 tones and a manufacturing area consisting of seven Laser Cutting – Manufacturing, 1 Punch Cutting – Manufacturing, 4 CNC Plasma cutting – manufacturing, 3 CNC, Flame Cutting – Manufacturing, 20 Press Brake - Guillotine Shears – Bending – Manufacturing machines.

Gold has been the symbol of power throughout the history. The alchemists looked for formulas to turn metals into gold for centuries in order to obtain this power. The greatest power in our age is information and experience. As Simya Metal, we have chosen the most difficult way in our search. We have discovered that the real formula to turn metal into something more valuable lies in “variety, quality, service and advanced technology”. As your business partner, we offer our experiences to you, the industrialists.

Our Mission
To become a company our customers and staff are proud of thanks to our successful operations.

Our Vision
To become a BRAND that is recognized and preferred in our country and sector.

Our Quality Policy

  • Maximizing customer satisfaction with our product quality and technical support.
  • Ensuring constant development with the participation of our personnel.
  • Increasing our productivity by working with our suppliers and customers in mutual cooperation and trust.
  • Reviewing and improving all processes which influence the success of our company and the quality of our products.
  • Increasing the individual contributions of our employees through constant trainings.
  • Becoming a leader institution in our sector.